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    EU set apart to do away with say of security pledge to Ukraine – Bloomberg

    Hungary and Slovakia, however, have been strongly opposed to sending arms to Kiev The EU has pitched a framework of security commitments for Ukraine to its member states, seeking to substantially boost Kiev’s military power and bring it closer to the West, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. However, several EU states have been opposed to arms deliveries to Kiev, while expressing skepticism about accession talks. The draft document seen by the…

  • Top NewsLife may exist on the most ancient planets in the galaxy astronomers say

    Life may exist on the most ancient planets in the galaxy, astronomers say

    NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — New research in astrobiology confirms that the oldest planets in the Milky Way were likely born 5 billion years earlier than our Earth. This discovery raises interesting questions about the possible existence of an older and even more advanced form of alien life on these mysterious worlds. Astrobiologists argue that certain conditions are necessary for life to exist, such as the presence of oxygen…