Chinese orbiter Tianwen-1 and the rover stopped communicating

(ORDO NEWS) -- Both spacecraft, part of China's first interplanetary mission, are experiencing problems. The

China may lose its only rover

(ORDO NEWS) -- Engineers are trying to bring China's Zhurong rover out of hibernation, which

Rover captured a UFO that was watching him

(ORDO NEWS) -- Well-known ufologist Scott Waring is sure that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are

Ingenuity helicopter lost contact with rover

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Ingenuity helicopter nearly gave NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers a

An astronaut from space successfully controls a ground rover

(ORDO NEWS) -- If man's best friend is a dog, then in the future, astronauts'

Curiosity rover discovers strange rock on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paul Scott Anderson posted a picture on his page on the social

Chinese lunar rover discovers glass beads on the far side of the moon

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Chang'e 4 rover discovered translucent glass beads on the far side

New finds from China’s Yutu-2 rover exploring the far side of the moon

(ORDO NEWS) -- A large team of researchers from China, Germany and Canada have presented

rover discovered an unusual mixture of chemical elements on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- It can hypothetically indicate the existence of alien life, but this is

Mars rover discovers carbon footprint hinting at a source of life in the past

(ORDO NEWS) -- Since 2012, NASA's Curiosity rover has been scouring Mars, drilling through rock