• ScienceCoke made rodents dumber

    Coke made rodents dumber

    (ORDO NEWS) — Two months of daily consumption of sugary soda weakened the memory and cognitive abilities of rats. Scientists attribute this to the development of oxidative stress in their brain cells. Coca-Cola and other sweet sodas cannot be called healthy or even harmless to health. Excess sugar in them leads to the development of diabetes, heart disease, teeth and liver. Even “diet” options with sweeteners can damage the heart…

  • News HeadlinesPrehistoric rodents turned out to be the size of a pony

    Prehistoric rodents turned out to be the size of a pony

    (ORDO NEWS) — Russell Engelman, a paleontologist at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, has developed a new method for accurately sizing ancient giant rodents, showing that previous studies have overestimated them. So, it was believed that a distant relative of modern capybaras Josephoartigasia monesi weighed about 9 centners and was the size of a bison. According to new estimates, it is comparable to modern ponies. An article about this…