Robot helped children with learning disabilities to better perceive the material

(ORDO NEWS) -- Canadian research engineers have designed a small humanoid robot to work with

Microscopic robot flies with the help of wind and is controlled by light

(ORDO NEWS) -- The miniature and tiny robot, resembling a dandelion seed, can be carried

Boston Dynamics demonstrated a robot working on a “construction site”

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Robot with insect whiskers learns to recognize smells

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World’s first “robot lawyer” will defend the client in court

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Engineers have developed a robot that destroys cockroaches with a laser

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Toughest robot fights : A course for destruction

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Robot artist – I’m not alive, but I can create art

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Robot to perform in House of Lords for the first time

(ORDO NEWS) -- For the first time in history, members of the British House of

What the robot with the most realistic face can do

(ORDO NEWS) -- A month later, on September 30, 2022, Tesla will introduce the Optimus