• News HeadlinesUnder Antarctica scientists have discovered a river 460 kilometers long 1

    Under Antarctica, scientists have discovered a river 460 kilometers long

    (ORDO NEWS) — While exploring Antarctica, scientists made an amazing discovery. They discovered a huge river 460 kilometers long under the icy continent. According to a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists have discovered a huge river under Antarctica. This river significantly affects the flow and melting of the ice cover. It has the potential to accelerate ice loss as the climate warms. A 460-kilometer-long river that collects…

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    Which river is the longest

    (ORDO NEWS) — The answer to the question “What is the longest river in the world?” may seem simple you just need to find the source of the river, its mouth and measure the length. But the subjectivity of the measurement does not make it so easy. This is such a complex issue that several hydrologists have explained that the length of a river is no longer considered a fair…

  • News HeadlinesRecovering Mantle Memories From River Profiles

    Recovering Mantle Memories From River Profiles

    (ORDO NEWS) — The continent of Africa has a distinctive physical geography—an “egg carton” pattern of basins and swells—that researchers attribute to plumes of mantle rocks rising beneath a tectonic plate. Marine fossils on mountaintops in African and Arabian deserts suggest that until about 30 million years ago, those portions of the landscape were at or below sea level. But the spatial and temporal evolution of this uplift process is…

  • News HeadlinesSaudi Arabias desert looks like a big river

    Saudi Arabia’s desert looks like a big river

    (ORDO NEWS) — Natural disaster on May 8, 2021 Saudi Arabia‘s desert looks like a big river! Flooding in Taif, Mecca. https://youtu.be/6boo3yv0idU — Online: Contact us: [email protected] Our Standards, Terms of Use: Standard Terms And Conditions.