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    Global Banks Are Having a bet Spacious On XRP, Yelp Reveals

    Global banks have begun actively integrating crypto assets into their financial operations, and XRP has been one of their top preferences. This news signifies a shift in the skepticism surrounding cryptocurrencies, revealing how some of the world’s leading banks seek to leverage XRP’s fundamental strengths as a cross-border payments system.  BCBS Highlights XRP Dominance In The Banking Sector The Basel Committee on Bank Supervision (BCBS) has recently published its first…

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    Joe Biden’s Washington Post op-ed reveals the US by no arrangement learns its classes

    The obvious policy proclamation masquerading as a personal take has all the hypocritical tropes of American neocon elites The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has recently published an op-ed. Appropriately released through the Washington Post, it is, of course, really the equivalent of a regime policy declaration – a laying down of the party line, if you wish. As such, the text deserves attention, never mind that it is impossible that…