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    The climate-alternate religion: How long sooner than human sacrifices?

    Forgoing procreation, disrupting fellow humans’ lives, and wishing for death on a massive scale, environmentalism shows cult-like tendencies History teaches us that some ancient civilisations killed their children to change the weather. They used to practice child sacrifice to appease their gods in an attempt to court their good graces. Those primitive peoples believed that through human sacrifice, the forces of nature could be coerced in their favour. For example,…

  • ScienceFound the very first written mention of Jesus Christ

    Very first written mention of Jesus Christ

    (ORDO NEWS) — The study of the oldest church in the city of Megiddo, of which only ruins remained near Israel, made it possible to discover an amazing artifact – the most ancient document that has information about Jesus Christ. Thanks to the excavation, scientists managed to find out some historical facts. The city of Megiddo called Tel Megiddo and Tel al-Mutesellim was located 90 kilometers from Jerusalem. Today some…

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    How Islam influenced Christianity

    (ORDO NEWS) — How many of you know what impact Islam has had on Christianity? This is not spoken about either in the seminary or in any other school. Yet Islam has shaped Christianity in a way that few people know or suspect. If you look at the Catholic Church in our time, it seems quite lost in terms of its political future. For example, in the USA it is…