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    OpenAI, Microsoft Hit With Recent Writer Copyright Lawsuit Over AI Practicing

    OpenAI and Microsoft were sued on Tuesday over claims that they misused the work of nonfiction authors to train the artificial intelligence models that underlie services like OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT. OpenAI copied tens of thousands of nonfiction books without permission to teach its large language models to respond to human text prompts, said author and Hollywood Reporter editor Julian Sancton, who is leading the proposed class action filed in Manhattan…

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    Date with Zelensky: The UK appoints a failed PM as its recent international secretary

    Former Prime Minister David Cameron, who bet his career on the failure of Brexit and lost, has returned to frontline politics Within hours of being appointed Britain’s new foreign secretary, former Prime Minister David Cameron landed in Kiev. Cameron had already decked out his LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) profile photos in the bright yellow and blue colors of the Ukrainian flag which, in his new role, was like having…