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    People wish to quit caring about getting a ideal eight hours of sleep, experts mutter

    Experts suggest that Americans stop worrying about getting a perfect eight hours of sleep and warn that stressing about the magic number may actually result in a drop in sleep quality and duration. Dr. Reena Mehra, a director of sleep-disorders research at the Cleveland Clinic, told The Wall Street Journal that consciously focusing on falling asleep may impede the process. "It works against the individual," she said. According to the…

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    US Seeks Extra than $4 Billion From Binance To Quit Criminal Case

    The US Justice Department is seeking more than $4 billion from Binance as part of a proposed resolution of a years-long investigation into the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. From a report: Negotiations between the Justice Department and Binance include the possibility that its founder Changpeng Zhao would face criminal charges in the US under an agreement to resolve the probe into alleged money laundering, bank fraud and sanctions violations, according…

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    Washington Put up points correction after wrongly reporting a U.S.-brokered deal to quit Israel-Hamas war

    The Washington Post inaccurately reported that the United States brokered a deal to pause conflict between Israel and Hamas for five days to free women and children hostages in Gaza, but issued a correction after being called out by the White House National Security Council.  On Saturday, the Washington Post published a story that claimed a tentative deal was reached that featured the headline, "Israel and Hamas reach tentative U.S.-brokered…