Extreme horizons in space could lure quantum states into reality

(ORDO NEWS) -- It's been almost a century since scientists broke the universe. Through a

Random numbers can now be generated at record speed using quantum fluctuations

(ORDO NEWS) -- Pick a card, any card. Like an insidious wizard, the universe already

Quantum research: There is no objective reality

(ORDO NEWS) -- Imagine this situation: a friend comes up to you, holding his hands

Mysterious quantum phenomenon allows us to look inside the atomic nucleus

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Scientists have discovered a completely new kind of quantum entanglement

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Quantum teleportation is already a reality. And when will it be possible to teleport a person ?

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Scientists observe new quantum state at room temperature

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Quantum entanglement is now directly observable on a macroscopic scale

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Viability of quantum communication at interstellar distances

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Physicists have found the missing link that could provide quantum Internet technology

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Quantum entanglement record bound atoms separated by 33 kilometers

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Zeno’s Quantum Paradox

(ORDO NEWS) -- Zeno of Elea (circa 490 BC - circa 430 BC) was an