Quantum Computers

  • News HeadlinesJapan launches 14 kilogram home quantum computers

    Japan launches 14-kilogram home quantum computers

    (ORDO NEWS) — Residents of Japan can already purchase quantum computers from SpinQ Technology from Shenzhen, China. To try out the technology of the future, you will have to leave the Gemini Mini version in the store. This model weighs 14 kg, is useful for teaching the principles of programming on quantum systems, and also contains two qubits – while the software can simulate the work of 8 qubits. According…

  • News HeadlinesAncient Namibian stone could hold the key to building quantum computers 1

    Ancient Namibian stone could hold the key to building quantum computers

    (ORDO NEWS) — One way to realize the full potential of quantum computers is to make them the basis of light and matter at the same time: in this way, information can be stored and processed, and also travel at the speed of light. Scientists have just taken that goal one step further by successfully creating the largest hybrid particles of light and matter ever created. These quasi-particles, known as…

  • News HeadlinesWhat is inside a black hole Quantum computers can simulate it

    What is inside a black hole? Quantum computers can simulate it

    (ORDO NEWS) — Both quantum computing and machine learning have been called the next big computing revolution for quite some time now. However, experts point out that these methods are not universal tools – they will only be a big leap forward in computing power for very specialized algorithms, and even more rarely they will be able to work on the same problem. One example of where they can work…