• News Headlinesshout-vii-actor-fired-over-skilled-palestine-put-up,-agent-saved-by-tom-cruise

    Shout VII Actor Fired Over Skilled-Palestine Put up, Agent Saved By Tom Cruise

    Mexican actor Melissa Barrera, known for her roles in the fifth and sixth installments of the 'Scream' franchise, has reportedly been terminated from 'Scream VII' due to her Instagram posts concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict. The 33-year-old actress had joined the iconic slasher series in 2022 alongside Jenna Ortega. Sources confirmed on Tuesday (21 November) that Spyglass Media dropped Barrera from the forthcoming sequel over her Israel-Hamas war posts perceived as…

  • News Headlinesisrael-must-put-a-‘strong-force’-in-gaza-–-president

    Israel must put a ‘strong force’ in Gaza – president

    Post-war governance of the Palestinian enclave must prevent a Hamas resurgence, Isaac Herzog has told the FT Israeli President Isaac Herzog has said his country must retain a “very strong force” in Gaza once the current conflict subsides, in order to prevent Hamas from regaining a foothold in the besieged enclave. As international scrutiny and outrage swells more than a month into its retaliatory operation in Gaza, following the Hamas…

  • The Wirewashington-put-up-points-correction-after-wrongly-reporting-a-us.-brokered-deal-to-quit-israel-hamas-war

    Washington Put up points correction after wrongly reporting a U.S.-brokered deal to quit Israel-Hamas war

    The Washington Post inaccurately reported that the United States brokered a deal to pause conflict between Israel and Hamas for five days to free women and children hostages in Gaza, but issued a correction after being called out by the White House National Security Council.  On Saturday, the Washington Post published a story that claimed a tentative deal was reached that featured the headline, "Israel and Hamas reach tentative U.S.-brokered…