• The Wirebiden-has-severe-border-recount-as-democrats-increasingly-extra-sound-admire-trump-immigration-hawks-in-polls

    Biden has severe border recount as Democrats increasingly extra sound admire Trump immigration hawks in polls

    A new Washington Post report warned the Biden administration that its 2024 re-election bid may be facing more challenges as new polling shows even Democratic Party voters are sounding like "immigration hawks in the GOP." Published on Tuesday, the article said the Democratic Party needs to take note of the shift the party is taking on immigration, now that cities in blue states – like New York City –are being…

  • The Wirebiden’s-birthday-present:-abysmal-polls-and-rising-difficulty-about-his-age

    Biden’s birthday present: Abysmal polls and rising difficulty about his age

    Happy 81st birthday, Mr. President. (I always know when Biden’s birthday is because it’s the same as one of my kids.) He didn’t have a big celebration yesterday, unless you consider pardoning turkeys a whole lot of fun – for obvious reasons. Yet plenty of news outlets used the peg for their is-Biden-too-old pieces., and NBC didn’t deliver much of a birthday present with a poll showing Biden at his…