Scientists created a device that generates oxygen inside the body

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- Researchers from Northwestern University in the US have unveiled

Exoplanets rich in oxygen may be lifeless

(ORDO NEWS) -- Not so long ago, it was believed that if oxygen and organic

Analysis showed that 84% of coral reefs suffer from oxygen starvation

(ORDO NEWS) -- About 84% of coral reefs suffer from lack of oxygen. Corals are

There was no atmospheric oxygen on ancient Mars, scientists have found

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis (USA) have destroyed all hopes

Earth’s inner core may be rich in oxygen

(ORDO NEWS) -- Previously, it was believed that oxygen, most likely, is not present in

Falling oxygen levels could wipe out most life on Earth, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) -- For now, life is thriving on our oxygen-rich planet, but Earth hasn't

Source of the first oxygen on Earth was not only life

(ORDO NEWS) -- About a fifth of our planet's atmosphere is oxygen, an essential gas

There is enough oxygen under the surface of Mars to support life

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the surface of Mars , conditions reign that are not suitable

Mysterious fluctuations in oxygen caused an unusually strong mass extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Ordovician-Silurian event was larger in scale than the extinction of the

First mass extinction on Earth is associated with the sudden disappearance of oxygen

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers have studied fossil footprints in rocks and found out when the