Viking sword over 1,000 years old was found in Norway

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- A treasure hunter from Norway made a small but

Unexplained lights over Norway may be the result of a giant battery draining

(ORDO NEWS) -- Since the 1930s, residents and visitors to Norway's Hessdalen Valley have reported

In Norway, found the plumage of ancient arrows melted from under the ice

(ORDO NEWS) -- Norwegian researchers involved in glacial archeology have found about 30 feathers in

World’s oldest runestone found in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists in Norway have found the world's oldest runestone, according to their

World’s oldest runestone discovered in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- Norwegian archaeologists believe they have found the world's oldest rune stone, which

Medieval ship found in Norway’s largest lake

(ORDO NEWS) -- A ship wrecked hundreds of years ago has been found at the

Remains of a 12,000-year-old bear were found in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- This story began back in 1976. Then the Raydun couple decided to

A bright flash in the sky scared the inhabitants of Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- A bright meteor lit up the Norwegian night sky in different colors.

Archaeologists have determined the age of a pair of skis that melted in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists have determined the age of a pair of skis that melted

Wreckage of mysterious medieval ship found in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- One of the oldest shipwrecks in Norway, was found at the bottom

Large hoard of Viking silver found in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- Norwegian amateur archaeologist has discovered an ancient treasure trove. This is reported

Amateur archaeologist discovers 7,000-year-old fishing trap in Norway

(ORDO NEWS) -- An amateur archaeologist discovered an unusual structure made of wooden poles that