How do neutron stars appear?

(ORDO NEWS) --  Neutron stars are space objects formed as a result of a supernova

Massive neutron stars have been around for less than the blink of an eye

(ORDO NEWS) -- Not much can be done in a few hundred milliseconds. Nevertheless, for

Neutron stars may have solid surfaces, astrophysicists say

(ORDO NEWS) -- The team of scientists published the results of their study in the

Astronomers have observed a gamma-ray burst generated by the collision of neutron stars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astronomers have witnessed the collision of a neutron star with another, neighboring

Magnetar discovered, probably formed recently from two neutron stars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Magnetars are one of the most mysterious astronomical objects. One teaspoon of

Mysterious gamma radiation from the centers of galaxies gives rise to neutron stars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Excess gamma radiation from the center of the Milky Way succumbed to

Source of fast radio bursts may be dying planets near neutron stars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Mysterious radio bursts - incredibly powerful and short signals - can create

Astronomers have found a candidate for ultra-slow neutron stars

(ORDO NEWS) -- The object rotates with a period of more than a thousand seconds,