Music during pregnancy improves the functioning of the neurons of unborn children

(ORDO NEWS) -- One recent study by scientists from the University of Barcelona, ​​the University

Scientists propose using silk to restore neurons

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the University of Oxford proposed using silk to repair neurons.

Biologists have learned to control the growth rate of neurons

(ORDO NEWS) -- Human nerve cells develop much more slowly than those of other mammals.

Starvation in fruit flies complicates neurons

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese biologists have found that under conditions of nutrient deficiency, fruit fly

Elephants hold the record for the number of neurons that control the face

(ORDO NEWS) -- Biologists have estimated the size of the facial nerve nucleus in elephants,

A group of neurons in a test tube learned to play a computer game

(ORDO NEWS) -- Australian biologists connected hundreds of thousands of neurons to a computer and

Abnormal neurons found in ‘super-old’ long-livers

(ORDO NEWS) -- Neurons in the memory area of ​​the brain are larger in centenarians

A unique set of neurons has been identified in the brains of long-lived people

(ORDO NEWS) -- Neuroscientists have discovered that in the brains of older people who have

While we sleep, our neurons “hum” Mozart

(ORDO NEWS) -- According to a new study by scientists from the University of California

Scientists discover surprising differences in neurons between primates and non-primates

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists closely studying the cell architecture of neurons in the brain have

Scientists have identified neurons that process the results of actions

(ORDO NEWS) -- Part of weighing any decision involves considering the consequences it will entail,