Scientists have described the disease caused by microplastics

(ORDO NEWS) -- A new disease - "plasticosis" - is associated with the accumulation of

Amount of microplastics in the Mediterranean has tripled in 20 years

(ORDO NEWS) -- Most of the plastic waste produced by humans ends up in water

Blue whales eat about 10 million microplastics a day

(ORDO NEWS) -- Marine animals of all sizes inadvertently ingest plastic as tiny particles are

Microplastics found in plant leaves for the first time

(ORDO NEWS) -- In the studied samples of plant leaves, scientists for the first time

Viruses on the surface of microplastics are more dangerous

(ORDO NEWS) -- Microplastics are associated with many problems - both for the ecosystems of

Scientists calculate the amount of microplastics in spider webs

(ORDO NEWS) -- Previously, microplastics have been found in the most unexpected places - from

Microplastics found in freshly fallen snow in Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) -- Microplastics continue to penetrate even the most remote corners of the planet.

Parasites can travel across the ocean on microplastics

(ORDO NEWS) -- Tiny parasites can hitchhike on microplastics floating in the ocean. In the

Australian blue mussels contaminated with microplastics

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Australia, scientists at Flinders University have found decomposed microplastics in blue

Microplastics first discovered in human placenta

(ORDO NEWS) -- The accumulation of such particles in living organisms and food products is