New threat to Earth: Taurid meteor swarm approaches

(ORDO NEWS) -- Earth is facing a new threat from outer space - the "Taurid

Astronomers urge not to search for meteorites with magnets

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Meteorites were not the main source of water on Earth

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Our planet immediately pollutes meteorites upon arrival

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Earth’s atmosphere affects the composition of meteorites

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Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals

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Meteorites point to likely origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals

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5 new meteorites discovered in Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) -- Antarctica is a pretty tough place to work. However, this is one

Meteorites might need one thing to help create life on Earth

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How satellites, radars and drones track meteorites

(ORDO NEWS) -- On July 31, 2013, a group of American satellites recorded the collision

Ancient oceans on Mars were formed by water brought to the planet by meteorites

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of researchers led by astronomers at the University of Copenhagen

Researchers discover field littered with meteorites

(ORDO NEWS) -- A field team led by Professor Andy Tomkins of Monash University discovered