Australian startup introduced mammoth meatballs

(ORDO NEWS) -- Biologists have created test-tube meat based on sheep muscle cells supplemented with

Mammoth tusks open new loopholes for poachers

(ORDO NEWS) -- At first glance, the fossil bone trade has nothing to do with

Biologists have found that the mummified baby mammoth Yuka was not a female, but a male

(ORDO NEWS) -- Mammoth named Yuka, whose perfectly preserved mummy was found in Yakutia in

30,000-year-old mammoth found in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- A Canadian miner who worked in the Klondike gold mines was lucky

35,000-year-old mammoth mummy found in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) -- While working to find gold, a worker at a gold mining company

Amazing Stone Age knowledge found on a Mammoth bone bracelet

(ORDO NEWS) -- In the Severshchina, not far from the village of Mizin in Ukraine,

Fishermen fish out 12,000-year-old mammoth tooth

(ORDO NEWS) -- A group of fishermen from New Hampshire (Massachusetts, USA) fished out a

Geneticists are going to “resurrect” the extinct woolly mammoth

(ORDO NEWS) -- Geneticists are going to resurrect a woolly mammoth that became extinct centuries