• News HeadlinesAbu Bakr II Did the king of ancient Mali visit America

    Abu Bakr II: Did the king of ancient Mali visit America?

    (ORDO NEWS) — History textbooks still teach children that Christopher Columbus initiated the first contact between America and the rest of the world. The great explorer opened a new continent for trade, conquest and destruction. But as new discoveries are made, this version of events becomes more and more illusory. The sweet potato had crossed the Pacific from South America to Polynesia and even Polynesia tens of thousands of years…

  • WorldChargePoint has grown in premarket

    ChargePoint has grown in premarket

    ChargePoint Holdings Inc shares soar more than 15% after the electric car charging infrastructure company raised its outlook for the year as EV penetration into Europe and the US went faster in the second quarter. than expected. Shares of Chewy Inc tumbled 9.6% after the online pet store reported larger-than-expected quarterly losses and missed expectations for second-quarter revenue and its confirmation the whole year was also disappointing given the strong…