• The Wireat-the-least-37-unnecessary-in-stampede-at-brazzaville-protection-pressure-stadium

    At the least 37 unnecessary in stampede at Brazzaville protection pressure stadium

    A stampede at a military stadium has left at least 37 people dead in Republic of Congo after large crowds of young people responded to a recruitment appeal, authorities said Tuesday. The Congolese Armed Forces Command later announced that all recruitment operations have been suspended in Brazzaville until further notice following the tragedy late Monday. Public prosecutor Oko Ngakala said that an investigation would be launched and questioned why the…

  • The Wiremartha-stewart-cancels-thanksgiving-after-web-hosting-on-the-least-60-dinners-over-the-years

    Martha Stewart cancels Thanksgiving after web hosting on the least 60 dinners over the years

    Martha Stewart, known as the "Queen of Thanksgiving," has some surprising plans for the holiday this year. In an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Stewart revealed she had "canceled" the Thanksgiving dinner she'd been planning to host because several of her guests were backing out – and also because she's already "turkeyed out." "I gave up Thanksgiving," she admitted when Clarkson asked her if she had any special plans.…

  • Top NewsAI experts confirm that Vladimir Putin utilizes at least two body doubles (1)

    AI experts confirm that Vladimir Putin utilizes at least two body doubles

    NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — In a twist of intrigue and speculative analysis, the claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin employs at least two body doubles has emerged, fueled by an artificial intelligence (AI) examination of photographs from recent engagements. These assertions gain momentum amid persistent rumors, consistently denied by the Kremlin, that Putin may have passed away. The Japanese TV network TBS delved into the enigma, suggesting that…