North Korea spy satellite is most modern surveillance threat to US, allies – with Kim threatening extra launches

The military spy satellite launched by North Korea on Tuesday successfully entered orbit, according to

N Korea Launches Glimpse Satellite tv for pc, US Slams “Brazen Violation” Of UN Sanctions

North Korea said Wednesday it had succeeded in putting a military spy satellite in orbit

Philippines launches joint sea, air patrols with U.S. navy

Summary: Patrols start in northernmost Philippine island near Taiwan US, Philippines deploy combat, surveillance planes,

Philippines launches joint sea and air patrols with U.S. military

Summary: Patrols start off Philippine Northernmost island Combat planes, navy ships involved U.S.-Philippine ties enhanced

Explainer: Why North Korea’s satellite launches design condemnation

Passengers watch a TV broadcasting a news report on North Korea firing a space rocket,

The IMF Launches ‘Central Bank Digital Forex’ Book, Says CBDCs Might maybe perhaps perhaps At some point Change Money

An anonymous reader shared this report from CNBC: Central bank digital currencies have the potential

Predictability of behavior how rocket launches are similar to your life

(ORDO NEWS) -- Until recently, human behavior was considered an unpredictable exception in a universe