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    10 unusual Lamborghinis

    As the Italian Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to build not only tractors, but also the sports cars, the brand Lamborghini has created a number of very unusual concepts. Can they be covered under a motor trade insurance policy? Unlikely. As i4mt says, “These cars are so rare, there usually just isn’t a mainstream underwriting option available for them.” We will talk about them today. Many are collector’s items, unlikely to ever…

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    Lamborghini becomes TikTok’s first supercar manufacturer

    (ORDO NEWS) — The Italian automaker, which has been leading its history since 1963, could not stay away from the fashion trend and started an official page on the social network TikTok, which appeared just a couple of years ago, but has already become a center of online attraction for active youth. The platform where short videos are published is currently represented in more than 150 countries and is available…