Japan listed its islands: There are 7,000 more than previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese researchers counted all the country's islands and found that there are

Geophysicist: Japan is threatened by an earthquake that will cause a dangerous tsunami for Tokyo

(ORDO NEWS) -- “Japan is in a dangerous position. Somewhere within three months from March

Why are there so many centenarians in Japan?

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Japanese Ministry of Health promises that by the end of this

Presumably extinct non-photosynthetic plant found in Japan

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese botanists have discovered a rare species of non-photosynthetic mushroom-like plants from

Japan finds 7,000 islands it didn’t know existed

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese cartographers counted their islands and found that there were 7,000 more

Cows in Japan called a threat to the country’s climate

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese scientists are working to reduce the climate impact of cow burping.

A legendary submarine was found off the coast of Japan

(ORDO NEWS) -- The wreckage of a submarine belonging to the United States was found

Mysterious balloon washed up on a beach in Japan

(ORDO NEWS) -- An unidentified object washed up on a beach in Japan this week,

Japan cancels first launch of H3 rocket

(ORDO NEWS) -- The launch of the new H3 series flagship rocket was aborted on

In Japan, they created a pillow in which you can lie anywhere

(ORDO NEWS) -- Recently, a Japanese clothing company made international headlines with its latest creation,

237cm sword found in Japan

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese archaeologists working in the city of Nara discovered a very large

Longest sword and the largest mirror were found in Japan

(ORDO NEWS) -- An unusual sword was found in a Japanese tomb. Its feature is