ICE arrests Brazilian unlawful immigrant child rapist in Martha’s Vineyard

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced this week that it arrested an illegal immigrant Brazilian

Scientists discover strange new form of ice that could change our understanding of water

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists, while stirring ordinary frozen water in a jar of ultra-cold steel

‘Zombie ice’ threatens sea level rise, climate scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) -- Even if the entire world stopped burning fossil fuels today, the Greenland

Scientists have figured out how ice appeared on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from the Czech Republic and the USA put forward an original

Sea levels drop abnormally in Iceland due to melting ice

(ORDO NEWS) -- In Iceland, the ice sheet is melting, and sea levels are dropping.

One of the largest ice shelves collapsed due to water flows

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have identified the cause of the melting of the Larsen ice

Scientists have discovered magnetic anomalies on the moon that protect the ice on its surface

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2018, NASA astronomers discovered the first evidence of water ice on

Ice deposits in Mars’ craters reflect the changing seasons

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have found that the layered ice deposits of Burroughs Crater, located

Scientists have discovered a new form of ice that cannot exist on the surface of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from the University of Nevada (USA) have discovered a new phase