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  • News HeadlinesHuman skeleton found in Taiwan cave

    Human skeleton found in Taiwan cave

    (ORDO NEWS) — An ancient Taiwanese legend about “short dark-skinned” people who lived in remote mountains and suddenly disappeared has suddenly been confirmed. Scientists have discovered in one of the caves the remains of a woman who lived 6,000 years ago. She did not look like a representative of an indigenous tribe at all, according to World Archeology. Indigenous tribes are known to have settled Taiwan approximately 4,800 years ago.…

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    8,000-year-old human skeleton found in flooded cave in Mexico

    (ORDO NEWS) — A prehistoric human skeleton dating from the end of the last ice age has been discovered in a cave system in Mexico. Researchers believe the skeleton is about 8,000 years old. The skeleton holds many secrets, just like the region itself Speleologist Octavio Del Rio noted that scientists do not know if the body was buried there or if this person died right in the cave. Scientists…