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    HP Chief Throws About AI Fairy Mud in Hopes of Reviving Slumbering PC Huge

    HP CEO Enrique Lores is betting a sprinkle of AI dust can regenerate the flagging PC market -- and with shipments still in decline across the industry, he can't afford to tease Wall Street. From a report: The world's second largest seller of desktop computing hardware has reported a 15 percent year-on-year decline in revenue to $53.7 billion for fiscal 2023 ended 31 October. Profit before tax was $2.93 billion…

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    Did The OpenAI and Microsoft Saga Comely Trigger Huge Curiosity in AI Tokens?

    The recent saga surrounding OpenAI and its co-founder Sam Altman has sparked a surge of interest in AI tokens, with total weekly trade volume surpassing $2 billion for the first time since March, fresh data from Kaiko, a blockchain analytics platform, shows. According to statistics, WLD, the native token on Worldcoin, a project co-founded by Altman, and other tokens, including FET, the primary coin behind the AI-reliant blockchain,, appear to…