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    ‘One horror does now not elaborate one more,’ EU tells Israel

    The EU’s top diplomat said he is “shocked by the human suffering” on both sides of the conflict EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has urged Israelis not to be “consumed by rage” over the deadly October 7 attack by Hamas, arguing that one act of violence cannot warrant another. Speaking during his first visit to Israel since the war between Israel and the Palestinian militants broke out last month, Borrell voiced…

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    Why do people like horror movies so much

    (ORDO NEWS) — This is despite the fact that fear is considered a negative emotion. A lot of people like horror movies. But what is the reason for such a love of people for such films? The answer to this question is in the BBC Science Focus Magazine article. According to Coltan Scrivner, a University of Chicago scientist who specializes in the psychology of unhealthy curiosity, there are people who…