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    Harry Potter fans threaten nature it’s all about Dobby’s grave

    (ORDO NEWS) — For years, Harry Potter fans have paid tribute to the beloved house elf of the Dobby franchise by leaving socks on one of the beaches in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, where his death in the film was filmed. But it seems that people and fiction are now threatening the local ecology. It seems that everyone remembers: in order to be freed, a house elf (from…

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    Musk tried to explain Bitcoin technology to Harry Potter author

    US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Harry Potter author Joan Rowling asked Twitter users to explain to her how Bitcoin works. Elon Musk also answered her and simultaneously criticized the actions of central banks, which depreciate the currency and make even bitcoin “look reliable” Billionaire Elon Musk answered the question of the author of Harry Potter Joanne Rowling, who on Twitter asked to explain Bitcoin technology to her. I don’t understand…