• News HeadlinesIs it possible to hack Bitcoin scientists said

    Is it possible to hack Bitcoin – scientists said

    (ORDO NEWS) — A new study shows that theoretically, quantum computers could hack bitcoin, but probably not in the near future, as they would have to be about a million times more powerful than they are today. Within a decade, the popular cryptocurrency will most likely not be at risk from hackers owning quantum computers.The Bitcoin network uses a series of increasingly complex calculations on the blockchain to complete transactions.…

  • News HeadlinesHow scammers hack apps on smartphones the most popular ways

    How scammers hack apps on smartphones: the most popular ways

    (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from Positive Technologies, a cybersecurity company, tested 20 apps for Android and iOS smartphones each. As a result, it turned out that many applications that users install to store data do not have a sufficient level of encryption to store personal or other sensitive information. One of the most vulnerable were banking applications. As noted, most of the tested applications have poor data encryption or even…