Ancient artifacts from Guatemala have a powerful magnetic field

(ORDO NEWS) -- Pre-Columbian America gave the world many secrets hidden in impenetrable forests. Researchers

Mayan ‘superhighway’ network discovered in Guatemala

(ORDO NEWS) -- A network of stone paths that connected the settlements of the early

Traces of unknown Mayan kingdom found in Guatemala

(ORDO NEWS) -- Two thousand years ago, the ancient Maya built hundreds of settlements and

Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala

(ORDO NEWS) -- Fuego Volcano, one of three active volcanoes in Guatemala, has begun erupting

Dozens of turtles and dolphins have been found dead in Guatemala

(ORDO NEWS) -- Up to 65 turtles and 14 dolphins have been found dead on

Volcano de Fuego in Guatemala erupts with 4,500m ash plume and pyroclastic flows

(ORDO NEWS) -- A strong explosion was heard for many kilometers around after the eruption