Gold Rush

  • News Headlinesnext gold rush will break out in space 1

    Next gold rush will break out in space

    (ORDO NEWS) — On February 17, 1996, the NASA NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft was launched to the asteroid Eros , which entered orbit on February 14, 2000. NEAR Shoemaker became the first man-made satellite of an asteroid, and the first man-made vehicle to soft-land on an asteroid, which took place on December 13, 2000. The NEAR…

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  • News HeadlinesArchaeologists have found evidence of the gold rush in Europe

    Archaeologists have found evidence of the “gold rush” in Europe

    (ORDO NEWS) — On the hills of Mala Magura near the village of Tuzhina, which is located in Slovakia, scientists managed to find archaeological evidence of the “gold rush”. It was she who captured the inhabitants of Europe in the 14th century. The first proof that the “gold rush” in Europe is not just another…

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