FDA Considers First CRISPR Gene Modifying Treatment That Could perchance merely Treatment Sickle Cell

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reviewing a cutting-edge therapy called exa-cel that could

A gene has been identified that causes people to be born without a nose

(ORDO NEWS) -- Congenital absence of the nose, or arynia, is an extremely rare developmental

Biologists have found the gene that caused the human brain to evolve

(ORDO NEWS) -- The ARHGAP11B gene, which is present only in humans and stimulates the

Biologists have discovered a similar gene in humans and octopuses

(ORDO NEWS) -- A group of biologists from Naples published a report in the scientific

Newly identified gene that causes lupus is a potential target for better treatment

(ORDO NEWS) -- Gabriela faced painful joint inflammation and debilitating fatigue when her own immune

Gene-modifying vaccine protects against parasite found in America

(ORDO NEWS) -- The parasites that cause the disfiguring skin disease that affects about 12

Gene expression profile allows identification of anti-tumor immune cells for personalized immunotherapy

(ORDO NEWS) -- National Institutes of Health researchers, led by Dr. Steven Rosenberg, MD, Ph.D.,