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    Hover Guard Seizes Pak Fishing Boat With 13 Crew Members In Arabian Sea

    The Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Arinjay on Tuesday apprehended Pakistani fishing boat Naz-Re-Karam in the Arabian Sea with 13 crew members. The boat is being brought to Okha harbour for thorough rummaging and joint interrogation by all agencies, Indian Coast Guard said in a press release. In a press release, Indian Coast Guard said, "ICGS Arinjay, whilst patrolling in the Arabian Sea, observed one Pakistani Fishing Boat fishing about…

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    Fishing ban benefits both fish and fishermen

    (ORDO NEWS) — A new study has found that carefully placed no-fishing zones can help restore iconic fish species. Here are a few things every angler should know. No-fishing areas are well known to benefit sedentary marine life such as corals and lobsters. However, until now it has been assumed that the size of the protected water area cannot affect the protection of fish like tuna that travel long distances.…

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    How Africans go fishing with a shovel

    (ORDO NEWS) — Lung-breathing protopterid fish. There are many species in the world about which a person knows inexcusably little, especially if he is not interested in this topic and is not connected with it by his professional field. So, if you get to Africa, wake up early in the morning and find that the locals go fishing not with fishing rods and fishing tackle, but with picks and shovels,…