• News HeadlinesA famous astrophysicist said that soon we will see a UFO

    A famous astrophysicist said that soon we will see a UFO

    (ORDO NEWS) — In an interview with The Guardian, infamous Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb said that perhaps in a few months we will see the first sufficiently detailed image that can be irrefutable evidence that UFOs are alien spacecraft. It is Avi Loeb who claims that the unusual interstellar object Oumuamua is a spaceship that was created by extraterrestrial intelligence. In recent months and years, Loeb has attracted a lot…

  • News HeadlinesFamous tattoos and their interpretations

    Famous tattoos and their interpretations

    (ORDO NEWS) — As you know, celebrities who have become famous in a particular area are distinguished by some kind of talents – someone plays well in films, someone composes music perfectly, etc. Moreover, many of them also differ in appearance, in particular, interesting tattoos. Below is a list of tattoos of famous people and their meaning. Strange inscriptions on Angelina Jolie’s shoulder blades: When it comes to celebrity tattoos,…