Astronomers discovered an extragalactic stream of cold gas

(ORDO NEWS) -- Astronomers have obtained an image of cold molecular gas outside of galaxies.

Nature of a giant extragalactic structure revealed

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela have revealed the nature of a

Huge extragalactic structure found in zone of avoidance

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of researchers from the National University of San Juan, the

Hidden extragalactic structure discovered behind the Milky Way

(ORDO NEWS) -- Being inside a galaxy certainly has its advantages, given that life-bearing planets

Discovery of extragalactic neutrino factories

(ORDO NEWS) -- High-energy and hard to detect, neutrinos travel billions of light-years through space

Astronomers find first extragalactic supernova

(ORDO NEWS) -- Similar to the "strange radio ring" object J0624-6948 turned out to be