Scientists have suggested that island species are threatened with extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from Germany have come to the conclusion that endemic animals living

Botanists have selected 50 candidates for extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- Botanists proposed to revive extinct plant species by germinating their seeds from

More than 1 million animal species are on the verge of extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- Nature is in crisis and it's only getting worse. As species are

A new reason for the extinction of dinosaurs on Earth has been named

(ORDO NEWS) -- The common story that the dinosaurs died out after an asteroid hit

2 drivers of mass extinction of insect populations finally identified

(ORDO NEWS) -- They help us bring food to the table through pollination and nutrient

Because of what 75 thousand years ago humanity was on the verge of extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- If you think about it, humanity is constantly on the verge of

Main threat to biodiversity was called not the extinction of species, but invasive plants

(ORDO NEWS) -- One of the global environmental problems is the reduction of plant biodiversity,

New Study Pinpoints Twin Triggers Of Triassic Era Extinction Event

(ORDO NEWS) -- Curtin-led research has revealed an increase in levels of both acid and

Sixth human-caused mass extinction began on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- Biologists in France and Hawaii have presented evidence of a mass extinction

Scientists have found new factors of the Triassic extinction

(ORDO NEWS) -- An international team of researchers concluded that the Triassic-Jurassic extinction was triggered