Scientists reconstruct two-billion-year-old enzyme

(ORDO NEWS) -- German biochemists have recreated a 2-billion-year-old bacterial enzyme that catalyzed chemical reactions

Mystery of the most common enzyme on Earth is solved

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists from the Institute of Terrestrial Microbiology of the Max Planck Society

A new enzyme found in compost sets a record for the rate at which plastic breaks down

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Engineers have created an enzyme that breaks down plastic waste in hours, not decades

(ORDO NEWS) -- As you have no doubt noticed, plastic pollution is a concern, and

An enzyme that breaks down plastic in 24 hours

(ORDO NEWS) -- In the new work, scientists used machine learning to develop an enzyme

Scientists resurrect ancient enzyme to boost plant yields

(ORDO NEWS) -- American researchers analyzed the evolution of the key enzyme of photosynthesis, the

A new enzyme has been discovered for the radical processing of garbage plastic

(ORDO NEWS) -- An international team of scientists has discovered and described a new enzyme