What is the cosmic web?

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientific research shows that the expansion of the Universe does not occur

Galactic-scale shockwaves shake the cosmic web

(ORDO NEWS) -- Incredibly massive shock waves the size of entire galaxies are rocking the

An incredible number of feasting black holes have been found in this cosmic web.

(ORDO NEWS) -- New images of the Spiderweb protocluster galaxy cluster show an unusually high

Cosmic web connecting the universe forms dark matter in galaxies

(ORDO NEWS) -- Galaxies located at the "nodes" of the cosmic web collect dark matter

Composition of Galaxies was associated with their position in the cosmic web

(ORDO NEWS) -- Galaxies located in the filaments and nodes of a large-scale network of

Cosmic web extinguished the formation of new stars in galaxies

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland) have found that

Cosmic web influences the evolution of galaxies

(ORDO NEWS) -- The shape of galaxies and the features of their evolution depend on