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    5 traditional mistakes when cooking a turkey on Thanksgiving: Chef Leah Cohen finds how to steer clear of them

    Thanksgiving is Nov. 23, 2023 — and millions of Americans are preparing to cook their turkey, sides and desserts. When it comes to cooking your own turkey, the chef in the home — no matter who that might be — tends to do his or her due diligence in terms of proper prep for the day. There are, however, some common mistakes that people tend to make on Turkey Day…

  • News Headlinesrobot chef has learned to taste and evaluate the taste of food while cooking

    Robot chef has learned to taste and evaluate the taste of food while cooking

    (ORDO NEWS) — The researchers trained a robotic chef to taste food during cooking, mimicking the process of chewing. The method made it possible to accurately and quickly estimate the amount of salt in a dish, as well as to draw up “taste maps”, which brought the work of the robot’s sensors closer to human perception. Scientists from the University of Cambridge (UK), in collaboration with the manufacturer of household…

  • News Headlinesproducts that can not be washed before cooking

    Products that can not be washed before cooking

    (ORDO NEWS) — Absolutely all housewives know that before you start cooking rice, it must be thoroughly washed in cold water. This will remove excess starch. At the same time, there are quite a few products that should not be washed immediately before cooking. After all, this will not only adversely affect their taste, but also cause the reproduction of bacteria dangerous to health. Among the products that do not…