Scientists compared the ability to shift attention in children and chimpanzees

(ORDO NEWS) -- A group of British researchers compared the behavior of three- to five-year-old

Biologists have noticed that the cries of orangutans are more like human than chimpanzees

(ORDO NEWS) -- Orangutans are more likely to make consonant-like sounds than other great ape

Chimpanzees were able to walk in step

(ORDO NEWS) -- Observations of chimpanzees have found that when they move in a group,

Chimpanzees and gorillas cooperate in the wild

(ORDO NEWS) -- The fact that monkeys are extremely sociable creatures, maintaining long-term relationships with

Chimpanzees use different stone tools to crack different kinds of nuts

(ORDO NEWS) -- It has long been known that chimpanzees use a variety of tools

Male chimpanzees drum on tree roots in their own unique rhythm

(ORDO NEWS) -- Among primates, not only man loves drum music: our closest relatives from

Forest chimpanzees learned to dig wells

(ORDO NEWS) -- By observing a skilled female, jungle primates have learned a rare skill

Chimpanzees use over 400 “words” when combining calls.

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chimpanzees are howling. They squeak. They bark. And sometimes they scream, then

Chimpanzees in captivity suffer from nocturnal erections and masturbate with unexpected endings

(ORDO NEWS) -- Until now, of all primates, such phenomena were noted only in humans.

Chimpanzees show interest in the skulls of their species

(ORDO NEWS) -- Experiments have confirmed that chimpanzees are more interested in the skulls of

Chimpanzees were able to recognize the skulls of relatives

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chimpanzees are able to identify the skulls of their relatives, zoologists from

Chimpanzees and humans alike understand hierarchy

(ORDO NEWS) -- I usually write about human behavior, but a cool study of chimpanzees