Octopus camouflage inspired scientists to create “liquid windows”

(ORDO NEWS) -- The multi-layer "glass" with liquid-filled capillaries mimics the natural structures of octopus

Camouflage that makes objects invisible unique optical shield

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2019, Hyperstealth Corp developed a transparent material that allows you to

Scientists compared the effectiveness of camouflage in different animal species

(ORDO NEWS) -- Many species, from butterflies to deer, use camouflage coloration to avoid attracting

Cuttlefish were placed against a background of stripes and squares to study the complex mechanisms of their camouflage

(ORDO NEWS) -- Zoologists have found that the cuttlefish's disguise under the surrounding landscape is

Mirror camouflage of beetles was not camouflage

(ORDO NEWS) -- The shiny surface of beetles and some other animals does not help