On within the meanwhile in history, November 20, 1925, Robert F. Kennedy is born in Massachusetts

Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, younger brother of former President John F. Kennedy and former U.S.

Astronomers have shown that new planets can be born from old stars

(ORDO NEWS) -- When dying, some stars in binary systems can create a "secondary" protoplanetary

First baby girl born in English family in 75 years

(ORDO NEWS) -- The 100-year-old great-grandmother of six great-grandchildren celebrated the birth of the first

Was our universe born in a laboratory?

(ORDO NEWS) -- How did the universe come into existence? We know that the Big

More and more elephants are being born without tusks. A geneticist explains why.

(ORDO NEWS) -- A genetic analysis suggests that African elephants are losing their tusks. Could

Children born in a pandemic have a delay in motor and cognitive skills

(ORDO NEWS) -- Researchers from the United States conducted an experiment and found that six-month-old