NASA and Boeing reveal how Starliner is ready for its first manned flight in April

(ORDO NEWS) -- Crew Dragon's main competitor in the field of manned spaceflight is systematically

NASA signs contract with Boeing to build stages for SLS rockets

(ORDO NEWS) -- NASA has awarded Boeing an estimated $3.2 billion contract to continue manufacturing

Boeing Starliner’s first manned flight delayed until April

(ORDO NEWS) -- The first manned flight of Boeing's Starliner space capsule has been pushed

Boeing’s first crewed space flight postponed due to technical issues

(ORDO NEWS) -- The first Boeing launch with astronauts on board has been delayed until

Virgin Galactic engages Boeing subsidiary to build motherships

(ORDO NEWS) -- Virgin Galactic has announced a partnership with a Boeing subsidiary to produce

Boeing Starliner mission going surprisingly well

(ORDO NEWS) -- After numerous delays and narrowly avoiding disaster on its first launch, Boeing's

Boeing confirms Starliner launch scheduled for May 19

(ORDO NEWS) -- Boeing's Starliner capsule is finally ready for a re-test launch to the

Boeing to launch Starliner spacecraft for NASA on May 19

(ORDO NEWS) -- The test launch of the spacecraft without a crew, called OFT-2 (Orbital

Boeing prepares to launch Starliner capsule to space station in May

(ORDO NEWS) -- Boeing plans to launch an uncrewed Starliner capsule from Cape Canaveral in

Boeing presented a new model of a promising hypersonic aircraft

(ORDO NEWS) -- Boeing has shown a model of a hypersonic aircraft based on the

Boeing resumes production of 737 MAX aircraft

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) -- Boeing has again begun production of 737 MAX liners. Their

Boeing refused to buy Embraer

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) -- The American aerospace corporation Boeing announced the termination of the