US Autoworkers Discontinuance Strike with Pay Raises and a Chance to Unionize EV Battery Vegetation

There's been predictions that a transition to electric vehicles would hurt autoworkers. But this week

Tesla engineers describe a new type of battery with a lifespan of 100 years

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Tesla Research Group, in collaboration with Dalhousie University, has published a

German scientists have created the world’s smallest battery

(ORDO NEWS) -- German scientists from the Chemnitz University of Technology have developed a technology

Scientists have created a record-breaking small battery

(ORDO NEWS) -- Specialists from the Chemnitz Technical University (Germany) have designed a record-breaking battery

Americans have created a new howitzer for the AC-130 flying battery

(ORDO NEWS) -- One of the most unusual and at the same time deadly combat

Scientists have found a way to extend battery life by 30%

(ORDO NEWS) -- American scientists have discovered a way to "revitalize" old batteries by activating