Back Pain

  • News HeadlinesPsychotherapy may be key to treating chronic back pain

    Psychotherapy may be key to treating chronic back pain

    (ORDO NEWS) — A new comprehensive study of more than 13,000 patients suggests that the best treatments for chronic back pain should include both physical and mental aspects, rather than focusing solely on physical remedies. In a systematic review of 97 previous studies spanning 17 different approaches to treating chronic back pain, the researchers found that adding psychological interventions to treatment – mainly behavioral therapy and pain education – resulted…

  • News HeadlinesWhy do we have lower back pain

    Why do we have lower back pain

    (ORDO NEWS) — Low back pain bothers almost everyone. To avoid it, they recommend moving more, but why does this part of the back hurt in principle, while other animals do not? Low back pain in people arose because of our lifestyle. Anthropologists have shown that this is already an evolutionary change that is passed down from generation to generation. Pain in the lower back, of course, inherited from our…