Structure of multi-year ice in the Arctic has changed irreversibly in 2005-2007

(ORDO NEWS) -- Oceanologists in Norway have found that the structure of multi-year sea ice

Largest deposit of rare earth metals discovered in the Arctic

(ORDO NEWS) -- The largest deposit of rare earth metals has been discovered in the

Arctic could help explore the subglacial ocean of Saturn’s moon Enceladus

(ORDO NEWS) -- During an expedition to the Aurora hydrothermal field on the Gakkel Ridge

Arctic faces a catastrophic loss of summer ice in the coming decades

(ORDO NEWS) -- On the eve of the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, a group

Crazy proposal to use glass to save the Arctic could backfire, scientists warn

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists abandoned the crazy idea of ​​using tiny hollow glass beads to

Climate change could lead to extinction of polar bears in the Arctic

(ORDO NEWS) -- Global warming may lead to the extinction of the polar bear population

Rains in the Arctic could cause global consequences

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Arctic currently receives more snow than rain, but this is expected

Ghost island in the Arctic turned out to be an iceberg

(ORDO NEWS) -- Just a year ago, off the northern coast of Greenland, a team

Giant viruses infect algae in one of the rarest floating lakes in the Arctic

(ORDO NEWS) -- Giant viruses infecting microscopic algae have been found in a rare lake

How ghost islands appear in the Arctic

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2021, an expedition off the northern coast of Greenland discovered a

Reasons for the sharp warming in the Arctic are revealed

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the