Bacteriophage viruses may become new antibiotics

(ORDO NEWS) -- Bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria, can be used as an alternative treatment

Antibiotics affect the skeleton of a teenager

(ORDO NEWS) -- During adolescence, sex hormones cause significant physiological changes. Often this is the

Antibiotics of the last reserve make bacteria harden

(ORDO NEWS) -- Swiss scientists have determined the mechanism of action of polymyxins, drugs that

Early use of antibiotics can cause lifelong asthma and allergies

(ORDO NEWS) -- Children exposed to antibiotics have an increased risk of developing asthma. Treating

Scientists find antibiotics on plastic debris in the ocean to fight resistant superbugs

(ORDO NEWS) -- Microorganisms living on ocean plastic debris could replace antibiotics to protect people

Experts warn of the dangers of antibiotics for middle-aged women

(ORDO NEWS) -- New research has shown that prolonged use of antibiotics can cause serious

After taking antibiotics, the man “heard the voice of God”

(ORDO NEWS) -- A recently published case study that appeared in the journal BMC Psychiatry

Cellular chain mail protects pathogenic bacteria from antibiotics

(ORDO NEWS) -- Clostridia cells were covered with a dense protein "armor", which does not

Rivers around the world are flooded with colossal amounts of antibiotics

(ORDO NEWS) -- A few years ago, scientists at the University of York conducted a