Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can migrate through the body

(ORDO NEWS) -- Mold is different, as the world learned in 1928. It was then

A new broad-spectrum antibiotic was obtained from a potato bacterium

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An antibiotic isolated from tree bark suppressed the growth of even drug-resistant bacteria

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Ancient killer rapidly becoming antibiotic resistant, scientists warn

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria discovered in Antarctica

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Antibiotic-resistant clostridia can pass from pigs to humans and vice versa

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New Cases Of Antibiotic-Resist Gonorrhoea Detected In England

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Doctors describe case of psychosis with hallucinations after antibiotic treatment

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Key to a powerful antibiotic’s formation is now clear

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Antibiotic resistance kills more than a million people a year

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Doctors were able to cure an antibiotic-resistant infection

(ORDO NEWS) -- Belgian doctors claim they have managed to cure their patient's antibiotic-resistant infection